Construction and Project Development

Construction is one of the pre-eminent practices of our services. Our dedicated team provides a service based on in-depth expertise in every aspect of the construction industry. Having advised clients on high-value construction projects, our solicitors have significant experience in advising on all of the major standard form construction contracts, as well as on the most unique of bespoke construction contracts. This range of experience permits it to structure contracting strategies which fit the clients’ commercial and financial requirements regardless of the complexity of the chosen project or financing structure.

The projects that we have expertise include oil & gas structures, power plants, refineries, infrastructure, hotels and resorts, golf course and spa club, office building and private residence.

Once contracts have been signed, we assist clients in the enforcement of contract terms, helps clients address and resolve issues related to out-of-scope work and schedule delays including preparing and negotiating requests for equitable adjustments.

Our ranges of services:

– Contract Formation, Negotiation and Performance

– Property Claims and Claims Prevention

– Government Construction Contracts and Bid Protests

– Public – Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

– Default/Termination Claims and Surety Practice

– Insurance, Labor, Environment, Occupational Safety, Health Act Compliance Issues

– Property Damage Claims

– Import – Export Products

– Licenses, Transfer of Technology & Proprietary Rights