Corporate and Investment

We provide the full range of corporate services to its clients, which includes high-level legal services which cover a board range of issues, including foreign investment, corporate, M&A, joint ventures, and corporate restructurings. Included in the corporate services are the incorporation of wholly foreign-owned companies and joint ventures; the establishment of resident representative offices; negotiation of shareholders’ and joint venture agreements; the draft and negotiation of land leasing contracts; as well as advice on corporate governance and restructuring in accordance with relevant British laws. We also provide legal in-house service to many corporations in Vietnam. Importantly, our lawyers have strong relationships with numerous State authorities, which facilitates applications for permits and licenses.

We proudly provide prestigious legal practice to support clients’ needs for corporate and investment in Vietnam and in the UK.  Our key staffs exhibit profound knowledge of laws related to M&A, real estate, labour, corporate and investment activities, as well as the proven track record on experience working with leading investment management and service companies in Vietnam and the UK. Our transactional practice is very diverse, involving numerous domestic and international companies and properties.

– Preparing non-disclosure agreement, conducting legal due diligence to the Vietnamese companies and projects;

– Incorporation of local new enterprises, resident representative offices, wholly foreign-owned companies and joint ventures;

– Preparing and reviewing the corporate documents of companies;

– Negotiation of shareholders’ and joint venture agreements, charter, land leasing contracts, land transfer agreement, business cooperation contract etc;

–  The demerger, converting limited liability company into a joint-stock company, converting the joint-stock company into a public company, liquidation of the company.

– Advising deal structure to the most beneficial tax compliance with Vietnamese tax regulations, including detailed advice on corporate income, contractor tax and personnel income tax;

– Negotiating, drafting and reviewing investment transaction documentation through deal steps such as Memorandum of Understanding, Investment Cooperation Agreement, SPA and Closing Documentation;

– Preparing the share transfer agreements, capital transfer agreement, assets/project transfer agreement, loan/debt transfer agreements, the related implementation agreement and the application kit for changing investment certificate or business registration certificate.