Shipping and Aviation

We are a top tier law firm that provides comprehensive legal advice relating to shipping – aviation issues in support of local Vietnamese, the UK and international clients.

Based on considerable experience of offshore developments and related chartering, our firm has involved in more than half of FPSO/FSO projects in Vietnam in various positions, including acting for the sponsors, co-ventures, and/or financiers as well as handling contentious cases and has recently represented clients in numerous maritime claims.  Our key staffs have sound knowledge of shipping laws and other laws related to marine activities.  Accordingly, we would be your best choice for reliable legal advice in relation to all aspects of the shipping law including admiralty, cargo recovery and defence, ship finance and sale & purchase and ship arrest.

Our solicitors also have the proven skills, industry experience, and acquired knowledge to provide top-quality representation covering all aspects legal matters in aircraft lease/novation/transfer transactions such as preparation of and drafting aircraft lease agreement, novation/transfer agreement. In addition, we also provide clients with a broad range of advice services for owners, lessors, lenders and guarantors in the planning and exercise of remedies in connection with financing and refinancing transactions. In the Vietnamese aviation market, we have experience in representing our clients in all types of international operating lease transactions.

We are proud that our legal advice gives the client a clear understanding and perspective of the myriad issues that an aircraft transaction must effectively address.

Our ranges of services:

– The registration of vessels and flagging out in Vietnamese jurisdiction.

– Preparation of tender documents, criteria and strategies for shipping related financing;

– Structuring, preparation of documents and negotiation of transactions relating to Charter parties, contract of affreightment and ship management, agency and crewing agreement;

– Preparation of documents for ship arrest;

– Reviewing aircraft lease/novation/transfer transactions documents and negotiating the transactions documents with other parties on behalf of the client;

– Drafting legal opinions on Aircraft Sale and Leaseback agreements; financing and refinancing transactions.